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Rundugai Cultural Tourism, is a place to make your lifetime memory for those who visiting Moshi Town or Arusha-for-safari or mountain-trekking. The village lies 26 km from the-Kilimanjaro-International-Airport if one will drive through to Boma Ng'ombe town then turn South 11kilometers to Rundugai Cultural Tourism office-just after crossing railway, the village endowed astonishing natural-springs-in-Moshi Kikuletwa-Hot-Springs which every one astonished and like to swim in this natural springs in Tanzania, also the village gifted with amazing Baobab trees with unique features, green cultivated land supported by irrigation system from different springs, different bird species and primates, the presence of different ethnic groups gives you a chance to experience cultural wealthiness of our village including Maasai-way-of-life, traditional-herbalist and Mid-wife and local foods , Banana-beer (Mbege). The village provides unforgettable experience from its cultural and natural beauty of the area.
While in different tour activities in this village, visitors get stunning views of both Mount-Kilimanjaro and Mount-Meru.

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Rundugai CTE is Cultural tourism based organisation established in 2014, registration number HWH 0456 Hai district, Kilimanjaro, The RUCTE organized by the youth and residence of Rundugai area, the organisation includes both women and men with different talents such as traditional dancers...

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Our tours

Our tours takes you to the fascinating warm spring in the village with amazing clear blue water in a beautiful surroundings covered by big trees with surprising roots of the fig trees, visitor will have a chance to swimming against strong flow of water in spring, camping over night and having a local food prepared by our local mamas...

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We arrange camping in our village for over night stay in a suitable location also for those who are interesting in home stay we will takes you to one of the prepared family where you will stay with them and experiencing their lifestyle, foods and story telling around the fire during the night....

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