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Volunteering near Moshi

Rundugai Cultural Tourism is a community based programme based in Rundugai village just 26 km from Kilimanjaro International Airport and in the Southern part of Boma ngombe town, which is a small town next to Moshi and 38 km from Moshi town.

Rundugai Cultural Tourism is owned and operated by the youth and local residence of Rundugai village. Recently has launched volunteering program in three important field placements, which is Educations, Health as well as Environmental conservations, we are specialized in this area as one of our recent effort to fasten the implementations of Sustainable Development Goals.

As community in our areas lack better access to educational and health services. So this will be a great chance for volunteers to make changes while experiencing how the Tanzania health system and educations works especially in the rural areas, also we believe volunteer can be of great help for our local organisation, especially with staff education & training, organisational development, marketing or other specific skills that are needed.

Objectives of the volunteers program

  • To provide support to the community especially the Maasai community which lacks an access to the important services such as educations and health services.
  • Provide positive experience to both volunteers and the locals.
  • To inspire the locals to get involved in the implementations of the different important projects and services such as environmental conservations and health services.
  • To make the volunteer time more valuable and enjoyable by arranging a number of interested activities such as daytrips tours around the village and safaris.
  • To strengthen our programme in operation and helping the community.
  • To support environment conservation and make our area more better please to live.
  • Support education to the family with poor accesses.

Educations and teaching program

Trò chơi uy tín It is believed that educations are the most powerful weapons to bring the changes in any community. With half of the populations especially in the Maasai village lack access to the quality educations services. The interested volunteers will be placed in the local primary and secondary schools to teach any subject of their interests or any other extra curricula activities. The volunteers will also assist the teachers in the classrooms. Volunteers can also team up with teachers in teaching other program such as sports and games.

Number of schools 3
Trò chơi uy tín Number of Volunteers needed: ________.

Medical field placements

Whether you are a medical students, qualified medical doctors or nurse you will be attached and placed in the rural dispensaries and/ or health centre located in Rundugai and other nearby villages to experience how Tanzania health system works, Due to the absence of the basic health services in Maasai village, the volunteers will also be involved in outreach health program community centre and orphanage to deliver more health services to the community.
Number of dispensaries: ____1____..
Trò chơi uy tín Number of volunteers needed: _________.

Environmental conservations programme

We love our environment and we believe through volunteers we can make changes in our village, we welcome all people who are interested in environment and conservation activities to get involved in our project, you do need any skills to get involved just a good health, fitness and high interest towards environment conservation and planting trees to fight against climate change.

We offer environmental conservation activities opportunities to our volunteers in our village Rundugai which is located in Kilimanjaro low land area whereby the climate is almost semi arid where there is a need of planting many trees and a lot of environmental conservation awareness to recover the area from drought and climate change and protect our natural springs which are the source of life for plants, animals and humans.

Objectives of conservation programme

  • To plant more trees to protect our natural springs.
  • To decrease vulnerability and improve adaptation capacity among poor local communities associated with Climate Change
  • To ensure that the natural environment is used wisely and continues to be available for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.
  • To improve the quality of life of the local community through management and conservation of natural resources
  • What volunteer will be doing/Conservation activities

  • Establish native trees and planting trees in our village.
  • Take care of new planted trees with different ways like water dripping.
  • Weeds control, especially those dominates our natural springs.
  • Wildlife protection and conservation awareness.
  • Time for volunteering

    Our activities can be conducted from one month, two months to three months and above in which we believe one can make a great changes in our community and gain satisfactory experience.

    Budget for volunteers

    30USD per person/PER DAY This will cover the following: Breakfast, lunch Dinner accommodation and mineral water. EXCLUSION:
    • Beers and other alcoholic drinks
    • Tours cost i.e. entrance fees, guiding fees and transport.
    • A. Public Transport per person 10,000 Tanzanian shillings on Monday days. B. PRIVATE TRANSPORT 70USD/ per person or group of 10 people go and return
    • A. Public Transport 15,000 Tanzania shillings per person go and return. Private Transport 100 USd per person/ group of 10 people go and return


    In order to make the program more responsible and sustainable below are some of guidelines which volunteers should follow so as to make the program friendlier with no cultural erosion within our community,

    • It is necessary to ask permission before photographing people, our host or local guide can assist on a better ways of photographing without conflicting.
    • Please do not enter in a house without being invited or without having necessary activities, normally local’s love visitors calling to their places are their hospitality behavior.
    • Don’t make promises that are difficult to keep, such as sending photos after volunteering.
    • The consumption of drugs and excessive use of alcohol is prohibited.
    • Wear respectable clothes to the locals, avoid over exposure of the body, this will demonstrate you respect for others.
    • Giving gifts to kids can encourage begging, support a project like, health centre or school to donate to instead. This will have a more positive and long-lasting impact.

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